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The keel of PMSS BARKAT was laid on 21 October 1988 in Haungpu Shipyard, China and was commissioned on 29 December 1989, being the first in series of BARKAT class ships. PMSS BARKAT sailed from Haungpu on 8 Jan1990 and arrived Karachi on 29 January 1990. Subsequently, she was formally inducted in Maritime Security Agency surface fleet on 4 February 1990. Since then the ship is actively and efficiently operating at high seas as an important unit of OSRON-22 Squadron. General Characteristics of all BARKAT Class Corvettes of PMSA are as follows:

  Max Displacement (Full Load) 397 Tons
  Endurance 1500 NM at 12 knots
  Propellers 04 in No
  Main machinery 4 MTU
  Armament Twin 37mm Gun
    2x Twin 14.5mm Gun
  Navigational Radar LS 2001J
"To assert and enforce national jurisdiction and sovereignty in all Maritime zones and to protect Pakistan's Maritime interests."