Pakistan Maritime Security Agency
Operations Room / MRCC
Tel : +92-21-99214624
Fax : +92-21-99214625
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The tasks assigned to PMSA as per PMSA Act 1994 are:
  • Enforce National and International laws, agreements and conventions in the Maritime Zones.
  • Prevent unauthorized exploitation of economic resources within the Maritime Zones.
  • Protect Pakistani fishing vessels and crew against any threat within the Maritime Zones.
  • Assist and co-ordinate Search & Rescue of the vessels, property and lives in distress at sea.
  • Assist and coordinate with national and international agencies to prevent and control the effects of marine disasters including pollution.
  • Assist and co-ordinate with national and International agencies in hydrographic and oceanographic research and other scientific activities.
  • Assist other departments and agencies in safeguarding and protecting offshore installations/structures in the EEZ.
  • Provide assistance for petroleum and other mineral exploration in our Maritime zones.
  • Co-operate with and provide help to other departments and agencies at sea in the discharge of their duties and functions.
  • Perform such other functions as may be assigned by Govt to protect maritime interests of Pakistan.
"To assert and enforce national jurisdiction and sovereignty in all Maritime zones and to protect Pakistan's Maritime interests."